Sire Larry Carlton L7

€ 589,00

The L7 is built in close likeness to the classic single cut and it shows in wood selection. It's made using a solid mahogany body and neck combo with a stunning maple top. The set neck joint and “C” shape neck work in tandem to provide excellent access to the upper frets and smooth transition across the ebony fretboard. 

Things get even better with the rolled edge fretboard edges, which make it feel like you're playing a guitar four times the price. Add in the medium jumbo frets and 12 inch radius, and you've got the best of both modern feel and old school style.

Hardware on the L7 is of an incredibly high standard. The premium locking tuners keep the L7 as precise as can be, even when throwing in big bends and heavy doses of vibrato. At the other end, you've got a trusty Sire-designed Modern Tune-O-Matic bridge for accurate intonation.