Udo Roesner Da Capo 75

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Udo Roesner has been at the forefront of designing acoustic amplifiers for over 30 years and is well known throughout the music industry as the founder of AER Amps. After parting ways with AER, Udo has embarked on his own and has started a (self titled) new brand. The first model to introduce Udo Roesner Amps into the marketplace is the stunning Da Capo 75. A combo amplifier that boasts the best performance and specifications in a compact housing.

The Da Capo 75 is a 2-channel acoustic instrument combo amplifier equipped with custom-made 8-inch twin cone type speakers. It boasts a 75W output power in a compact housing and has six types of effects. Optimal size, power and performance. This is the ideal amplifier for acoustic instruments.

When compared to the AER Compact 60-4TE; this customer went in-depth in his review:

"To me the first thing is the gain is much higher so it has a lot more sustain and overall tone. And you're correct, the highs aren't no where as brittle sounding as the aer, on this amp you can actually turn the highs down and they aren't there. The aer cant do that and the highs seem way too bright, I guess the best way to describe the difference is the highs on the aer amps are like a presence knob, the highs on the Udo are like a treble knob. So the highs are clearer and not so prominent, geared more towards how the highs are suppose to sound on an acoustic guitar, the aer seems like the highs take over the overall tone of the amp." - TG (Illinois)