€ 399,00

The Lâg T70ACE-B&B Auditorium Cutaway Electro-Acoustic Guitar

The Lâg T70ACE-B&B is a remarkable model from the T70 Series, boasting an auditorium cutaway electro-acoustic body shape. The unique black and brown satin finish (B&B) sets it apart in appearance and resonates with Lâg's commitment to design, quality, and sound.

Body and Design

Featuring an auditorium cutaway electro-acoustic body, the Lâg T70ACE-B&B provides an elegant balance of tone and accessibility. The black and brown satin finish (B&B) complements the guitar's aesthetics and reflects Lâg Guitars' distinctive approach to visual artistry.

Sound and Electronics

The T70ACE-B&B comes equipped with the DirectLâg preamp system, offering Volume, low middle and high eq controls, phase reverse, and a tuner. This allows for versatile sound control and authentic reproduction. The combination of a solid spruce top and Swietenia Mahogany back and sides ensures a rich and resonant sound.

Tramontane Influence

Incorporating features from Lâg's famed Tramontane series, this model includes the iconic mirrored headstock and bridge shapes, crafted from BrankoWood. The black tuning pegs and visually pleasing body bindings contribute to the unique and comfortable feel of the guitar.