Maybach Guitars - Back to the truth
The design of the handcrafted, modern classics from Maybach Guitars combines the primary components of electric guitars in harmony: high-quality woods, best workmanship, tuning-stable mechanics and authentic pickups. For your eyes, hands and last but not least: your ears. The input of the musician scene and the entire Maybach Guitars network has resonated in every hand-made instrument for more than 35 years. As diverse as the genres of guitar music are, your personal Maybach electric guitar will sound just as individual. The look, feel and sound create a unique harmony with your personal playing style. You provide the musical idea of your story, all that's missing is your matching Maybach. The Maybach Guitars manufacturing process particularly highlights the sound effect of the sustainably selected woods and allows the decades of instrument making to be experienced visually and acoustically. The aging process of Maybach instruments created in Europe in conjunction with the open nitro cellulose lacquer gives you a full, lively and authentic sound. Guitarists love the gracefully aged, rustic look of an authentic guitar, marked by stage experience. An electric guitar that tells a story when you play the first note - exactly your story.